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Thread: Where`s all the Computer geeks?

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    Why does my computer keep freezing up ( or down ??) is it because of a virus which has since been cleaned out? Any body help please.....

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    Try updating you virus protection, you can do it on-line. I had the Kleez virus recently and wound up replacing a lot of files.

    There is more information in the 'limo news and announcements' thread under VIRUS ALERT, here on the forum.
    Good luck!

    Matt Harrison
    AAA Guaranteed On-Time Limouisne, Clinton NJ

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    What operating system are you using, i.e. Windows version?
    When does the system freeze up (or down)?
    Have you tried to start in Safe Mode?
    To start in Safe Mode, press F8 when after you boot up the computer and before you see the Windows logo? Then find any files that begin with wink*.*. See the Windows Find (Search Utility). The symantec website at has procedures for deleting traces of the virus.

    Final solution is to backup your data and reinstall Windows.

    Hope this helps,
    Jamal Assaf
    Creative Software

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    As Jamal Stated, could certainly use more information, but will offer some advice for you.

    Check the amount of RAM that is installed in your computer. You would normally see this when the computer is booting. IF it is 32-64 Meg then consider adding another 64 Meg or so to see if this will correct the freezing.

    Low Ram Memory would normally show itself when multiple screens are loaded at the same time. i.e. accounting program open, reservation program open, word program open and map program open as an example.

    It could also be a virus but you said it had been cleaned. right!

    Eddie McCoy CPA
    FastTRAK Livery Systems

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    Thanks guys,I`ve tried the Symantic site and it can`t find any virus,I have 128 ram so I think thats O.K. I will keep trying but I honestly don`t have a clue as to what I`m doing so I may take it to my Computer store and let them figure it out,thanks again for your help,I appreciate it.


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