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    Mr Nightmare not that I want to bring back the dead but there was a forum going some time back about this person trying to push for a state wide permit, and a group of people burried him as he would not answer questions they presented. Most of the time this dude is plain full of crap and misleads everybody. Lets review the news section of the Florida Livery associations web site, but first he has been telling people that he threw the Tampa association out of his. False, the Tampa association had already voted to remove and not renew the affiliation with the FLA after it was decided, he gave a letter stating he basically threw them out, to late Ricky.Oh yea I bet he didn't tell his real members the Tampa association wouldn't even allow him in their meeting, gee forgot to mention that.
    Now to the Nightmares question and answers.
    He did put in his newsletter on the web that the NLA bylaws were changed to allow for profit associations, your right Nightmare and the writer strikes with falsehoods again!!! The NLA did NOT change article 3 Goofy, (Oh to live in Mouseland).
    If you are not registered as non profit you must be, yes, for profit which now makes you a company, a company that does not own a what, LIMOUSINE, dah Goofy strikes again.
    He expresses that the NLA would not send minutes of meetings to the FLA, the NLA wasn't sending anything to anybody (read the forum).
    THIS part of his news is really funny, it is stated "The NLA's purpose is to support and assist, not oversee and dictate". Seem like thats why the Tampa association left the FLA, dah. JHJ you would have had a field day with this one!!!
    The writer didn't really like the NLA asking for extensive records as part of the membership application, I guess asking for a membership list with REAL Limo operators on it was probably difficult to come up with, even though you "are the biggest Limo association in Florida". Please let us clarify this for the readers, the FLA is the biggest FOR Profit Ass. in Florida (How many real members). They still list companies that have not been members for years, (call Mr Lowery A Dream Limousines in Pensecola). The FGTA is the biggest NON PROFIT Limo Organization in Florida, 150 + members.
    I will continue with the newsletter later, but one last thing.
    The FLA's petition count of 425 that are in favor of a state bill is really lagging.
    The FGTA (formally the FSGTO)also has a petetion against any state bill, the latest count was originally 5321 1/2 but unlike others we took out all bathroom attandents, car washers, street walkers, dog walkers and the midget pulling a wagon, I'll give you the correct totals soon.
    Stay tuned theres more!!!

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    The Terror is correct the people in Jacksonville did not trust or want anything to do with the florida livery association back in 97. As you can see the misrepresentation he puts out. Let him stay in Orlando mouseland is the best place for him. Whats really funny about that organization is the majority of the companies in florida dont want anything to do with it or the owner. Go get a job somewhere as you dont even own a limo company.
    We are very happy being part of the FGTA (I am glad the name was shortened).

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