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Thread: 1984 Lincoln Towncar-- Stageway Armbruster

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    Does anybody know any more information about the Stageway Armbruster line that was produced out of Cincinnati, OH...

    I recently purchased an 84 Towncar for a steal and it works great-- I am now looking for more information about the builder--

    I will be looking to totally redo the car at some point and have been looking for ideas... Does anybody know if you can 'turn-around' the bench seating in these cars so that the back 2 seats face each other...

    Any and all help greatly appreciated--

    Tom Wheaton

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    Armbruster Stageway went out of business about 12 years age, their trademark was a six inch wide band of stainless steel over the roof. I thought they were based in Texas, before they closed up.
    If your seats are all facing forward you have some major work to turn them around. Particularly with the new seat belt mountings, difficult but not impossible.
    The base of the seat will need a steel mounting plate welded to the floor on each side, with a plate going from one side to the otherat the front of the seat contoured to fit over the transmission tunnel.And a bracket welded at an angle to hold the back of the seat.
    Have you got a friendly body shop near you because that is probably the easiest way to go.
    Good luck
    Dick Hall


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