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Thread: If you were the driver of this limousine... What would you do?

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    I saw this video on and thought I would share it to see what other drivers would do. I can't beleive the driver just left the vehicle there after someone kicked the door in like that. I think I would pull up the road a few hundred yards then walk back to the scene to try and find out the identity of the guy that did that did the damage (with police help if possible). If all else fails the mothers and fathers of these kids would be the ones responsible I'm assuming.

    Follow this link:

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    It'a a tough call with minors as we are supposed to be looking out for them. But I tell folks all the time they can get into all the fights they want but don't expect the limo to be there when they turn around. My Primary responsobility is for my safety then the vehicle then the passengers. By logic if I keep the vehicle out of harms way then anyone who stays in the vehicle will be safe also. You get out of it to start trouble that's where the line is drawn and you are now on your own.

    Unless that driver could identify who kicked the door it would be a fruitless search and would just be another dent to chalk up to the cost of doing business.

    This is a good argument for locking down the windows and sunroof when you have minors, or adults acting like minors.

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    The driver should have never been in the situation in the first place.

    A soon as I saw loitering teens, I would have kept driving regardless what the other teens in the car have said. Then he proceeds to do nothing, even after getting the car kicked, which really says the chauffeur had no brain.

    Correction: Driver, not chauffeur.
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    Only one solution to this situation:
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    I agree with Michael. The driver, an the term is used loosely, should have immediately accelerated as soon as his passengers and the bystanders began the argument. Since it did happen, I would have called 911 and pulled across the intersection to wait. Obviously whoever shot the video knows damned well who did it.
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    God Bless the Gals!! Maybe one of them should have been the driver?! They were the only ones TO DO ANYTHING!!


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