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    Does anyone in the limousines business have a GREAT Answering Service.
    I have tried many with little success over the years.
    If you can recommend your great service.. please let me know
    Carrie Peele
    Raleigh, NC

    Carrie Peele
    Blue Diamond Limousines and Sedans
    4317 South Mountain Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27603
    919-772-9595 (phone)
    877-277-7433 (toll-free)
    919-772-9509 (fax)

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    The best thing you will ever do for your business is answer the phone, 24/7.

    I did this, and still do. 11 years ago when we first started the business we had 4 local competiters, 2 of them has less than five cars, one had 8 cars and the other had 11. We answered the phone, they used services or machines. The guy with 8 cars, we bought out 3 years ago, he had four left. The one with 11 cars is out of business and the other 2 companies, still have less than five cars. I speak from experience.

    Good luck in your business!

    Matt Harrison
    AAA Guaranteed On-Time Limousine, Clinton NJ

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    to agree ... the average joe-blow knows its not the company answering, but an answering service.

    If I encounter such a service, it makes me weary and I typically move on. IF there is a problem, people don't want to be forced-fed an answering service. They want answers, not voice mails, machines, services, etc.


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    The only way to have a successful Answering Service system is one that allows 'patch through service'. In other words, they will answer the call, screen it, put the caller on hold and then call the 'on call' person.

    You can then ask them to patch the call through, or give the operator detailed messages to relay back to the caller. If you are a small operator and need to be in your car then this is the only acceptable way. It would be wonderful to answer the phone 24/7 but if you are small the LAST thing you want is a wreck as you try to take a reservation on your steering wheel.

    Bottom line..SOMEone knowledgeable in every aspect of your company must be at a phone ready to take the call 24/7!

    Just a little advice for those who don't want or can't afford a 24 hour staff!


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    Be careful in choosing an answering service.I do use one and It has worked great for the last two years.I won't change. 1st they must be live 24/7 (operator on duty) and use a machine callied an Identifyer or a simular device. This machine will let them know which of their customers phone is ringing.Answer in the company name and how they want the phone answered.Example, "Hi! This is abcxyz Limo service. May I help you?" With A good service the customer will never know they are talking to an answering service.If they need more of specific info then they can tell the customer that I am out on a run and that they will have me call them asap. You must have call forwarding. It also means that you & the service must sit down and teach each other about both businesses.You must keep them informed on any price or policy changes, The more they know about your business the better the service they can provide. The service I use also dispatches for a wrecker service, two carpet cleaning business, two realitors, several doctors and home health agencies, plumbers. heating /Ac repair business, They answer each in the name of the business, keep detailed messages, and dispatch. They do this cheeper and better than hiring an employee to do the same.There are answering services then there are answering services. Just like in the Limo business. There are the pro's and there are want-to-be's. For me going with this answering service was a smart move. I hope you can find one in your area that is as good as mine.


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    Your service sounds great. May I ask how much one should expect to pay for that type of service? I am also wondering if rates can be based on call volume? I would expect that a small company with low volume would be less then a heavy user. Thanks.


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