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Thread: Quarterly news letters for Limo Associations

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    A business associate and I am thinking about producing quarterly news letter for those limo associations that do not have one. It would include limousine industry articles, tips & tricks from you veteran operators, and I think that classifieds may be nice also.

    Please let me know what you think about this. Do you all think that this is something that would be enjoyed by those smaller associations that do not have the material to fill a news letter or the funds to print them?

    Give me the honest truth guys.

    Also, anyone that would like to write an article about a limo industry topic that you have an opinion or knowledge, or if you would like to be featured in the tips & tricks about please let me know.

    Keep'em on the road guys,


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    I personally would like it, anything to increase my knowledge and keep me informed on issues, thats a plus in my book.



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