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Thread: Independant Contractors

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    Oiatransport, you should pay your employees for all hours they spend working at your direction and under your control and supervision.

    If your drivers punch out and leave your shop between jobs and simply report back for the next trip, you need not pay them for the time that they are away doing whatever they want to do; however, if you keep them at your shop in an on-call status, or doing odd jobs, pay them.

    Be aware that if you operate interstate, there are on-duty hour restrictions imposed by the USDOT, and a specific number of off-duty hours required between those work periods. (That is an entirely different topic, sorry)

    At any rate, pay them if they are on your time doing work that you direct them to do; don't pay them when they are away on their own time-unless they are "on-call"- another can of worms altogether.

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    This is what we call in the HR world a split shift. I do this almost every day with my airport guys. If I paid them all the way thru I would go broke. Sometimes I have a chauffeur do a job at 8am and then he would go home do his thing, come in and do another job at 10pm. He clocks in & out. HE IS NOT "ON CALL".

    As Salicete said just make sure you are not overworking them.
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    The "owner" of CTG, who is involved in an independent contractor lawsuit, files for bankruptcy. The President of the New England Livery Association files for bankruptcy. Was there a bankruptcy class at LCT East?

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    You can't go bankrupt on the Federal government so his problems are a long way from being over.
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