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Thread: lease purchase limo in uk?

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    I would love to know if anyone can tell me of a us company or uk company that will sell me a limo on lease purchase????
    Or would anyone be interested in joining a glasgow limo company as a sleeping partner?

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    Hullaw Rerr,Hows it Gaun?Awright an at.
    Well is`nt it nice to hear from a fellow SCOT.In 1990 I shipped a Stretch to Paisley from Canada,thought I could make a killing,damn near got killed! At that time Glesca people did not take too kindly to someone driving a "Yankee" car in Scotland.Changed days Eh!I have since found out I was ten Years ahead of my time.I remember doing a wedding in Glasgow and getting beer bottles thrown at me and the car and being told to get that F#@%$&& Yankee car out of here.Anyway,I`m here(Canada)and you are there so try this,get in touch with George or Sandra Whitelaw at Silver Limousine in Stonehouse,he might be able to help you or know someone who can.Best of luck.

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    Sorry,I forgot to say that I doubt if you`ll get an American Co. to lease to you in the U.K.I don`t think that they will even lease to us here in Canada.

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