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    Just bought the 02 Escalade from Jim at Westwind.Car seemed OK,,now(3 weeks later) the 2nd alt went out,,2nd battery was way dead. I put a new Ford alt,all plugs matched.New alt was putting out 12.8/12.9 amps so I put bat on charge for 2 days,,went to full charge. For some reason I am concerned about wiring. There is a wire with a plug stuck in a fuse(10a)in fuse box. Seems not professional. Does anyone have how wiring should be,,this is a Great Lakes 180 conversion. The AC /heater only blows at med speed and only vents on passenger side blow. Might be OK because the driver can blow cold AC from from rear control so the vents in head rest above rear passenger blows and keeps rear cool. Does anyone have a Great Lake vehicle?

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    I just sold my great lakes unit, never had any issues of the sort either. Could have been prior maintenance being not so good.

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    I have a Great Lakes Hummer, New conversion. Only issue I have had is with the stereo, won't eject cd's. This is under warranty.

    I would call Rick at Great Lakes. He can probably walk you through the wiring problem over the phone.

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