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Thread: Insurance rates-- Can a national company supply qoute?

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    Interested in hearing from anyone that has recieved reasonable rates from a full service insurance company? It seems like these companys like NORTHLAND take advantage of all customers and do no service for the clients. null

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    Mark howdy,

    Unfortunately I do not think you will recieve a response because for some reason people don't find that a discussion on Insurance is important. I've seen one to many threads about insurance with zero information of value. Why? Who knows. This is probably why we pay through the nose for insurance with crappy service. This is what happens when everyone in the industry is too lazy to hold discussions on why we pay so much. The chauffeured transporation industry is researched to be THE SAFEST method of transportation and yet we pay fees for insurance that says otherwise. Why is that?

    I like your post and lets see what people have to say.

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    I know that rates are very high right now but Ive always received good quotes from TIB 407-740-5383 and Rodes,Rope,Love800-333-7754 both are brokerages who quote all the large carriers- good luck!!!! Linda @ Classic Limos

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    We are a full-service insurance broker, specializing in transportation insurance. We have a wonderful Commercial Auto Insurance Program, offering competitive rates.

    Please visit our website -


    Call 1-888-687-3933

    Stephanie Inge - PROGRAM RESOURCE MGMT., INC.

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    For those interested in insurance and how to reduce costs.

    The purpose of insurance is to take a small amount of money from each individual in hope its enough to keep whole everyone in the group.

    The problem here is your group is being underwritten in a larger population than just those on this board.

    The rule of thumb is this, 65% of premium dollars that come in go toward paying claims, the remaining 35% goes toward insurance company expenses, profit and, of course, my commission.

    What most people don't and probably never will like is that if they have no claims, the 65% stays in the insurance company's pocket.

    There are programs which allow a group the potential of receiving the unused portion of claims dollars back.

    From reading the posts here and other forums, that would appear to be everyone's wants.

    That is the only true way of getting away from the insurance cycle and being at the whim of 100% premium increases.

    It's not an easy process but is it is very rewarding.

    Pat Green

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    Unfortunately folks, it's probably going to get worse before it's gets better. The transportation industry has been hit hard as of late. Not only is the economy doing a downturn with business, but insurance rates are going through the roof. Insurance companies are also tightening up on their underwriting guidelines as well. Some carriers are even pulling out of the market!!

    Claims are becoming a problem. The rise in claims and accidents do affect rates. Severity as well as frequency of claims is taken into consideration. As an industry, limo businesses needs to be more aware of claims and claims reporting. People are being nonrenewed with anything higher than a 50% loss ratio all across the country.

    There are many things a limo operator can control. Make sure to check out your drivers carefully, including running MVRs. Keep your vehicles in good order. Look at raising your deductibles. And, most importantly, partner yourself with an "expert," someone who knows your industry and has facilities available to market your insurance.

    As the 7th largest broker in the US, we at HRH have the experience, pricing, and service you need to keep your business on the road!! Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

    Competitive Insurance Program for Limos. Call Now! (800) 488-9018 ext. 210


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