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Thread: How do I get my URL out there once my site is finished??

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    > How do I get my website out there
    > once I get the site finished?

    There are many companies that will offer to submit your site to all the search engines for a price. It is debateable if they really work or are worth the money. You can go to most search engines submit your site for review for free and they have a crawler that goes over your site and logs all the words on it and puts you in their data base. So when someone searches for "Los Angeles Limousine" Your site will be on the list. Now in what order your site comes up on the list is where all the money comes in. You can pay to be at the top of thier list when certain words (keywords) get typed in. Maybe Michael can answer further on this as this is very expensive depending on what words you choose. This is why on some site you see people that have every city and every spelling of Limousine hidden in thier page in hopes that the search engine will rank them high on the list. There is a whole science to this stuff and has alot to do with how you made you web pages.

    Another tactic is to act like a customer at a search engine and see what pages come up first when typing in certain search words. Then go to those pages and see if you can get listed on them for your area. One of them is always so you got that covered. A free one is . An example would be "Torrance Wedding" and maybe there is a free bridal web site for torrance that you can get on for free or a small fee. It may not always be econimicly feasable to join every site.

    Here is an example, go to and type in "custom caprice wagon" and my site comes up Number two on this list. I did not pay anything to get to the top of this list it is just a nitch that my site fits. It is just picking up on all of the text that is on my page so the more words you put in your site that fit woth your business the better.

    > Also, have any of you had other domain
    > names and had them redirect to your
    > website?? How does that work?
    On your hosting service and domain name service they have a controll panel that directs an Address to a particular server. All you have to do is point each web address to your server number and directory. Also there is an option that if people do not type in the WWW on your site it still directs to your site (looks like you already have it enabled)

    > I hear that trying to get your website out
    > there is a real pain and very hard to do...
    > is this true? almost makes me wonder if it
    > is worth having a site.
    Yea it is very hard and time consuming, that is why companies popped up that offer to do it for you for a price.
    In this day and age you really have to have one if not only for the reason that it is a brochure online. People can go and get updated informatiion on your rates and vehicle offerings who maybe have not used you for a year. Many people like gathering info on thier own as opposed to hearing it from a saleman. You are not going to get a landslide of business just because you put up a site. But promoted correctly with your other marketing materials and having good content and information may aid you in landing a few more jobs every month. It makes you look like a more professional company in many ways so it may impress someone.

    Like anything else in life you get out what you put in.
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    The world's most used search engine, Google, uses a mix of topical relevance and linked sites. That is, if someone googles "limo", it comes back with sites ranked according to the word "limo" as well as how many other sites link to each site. Other "limo" sites give a better ranking than "plumber" sites, so choose where your link goes acordingly. Any link helps, relevant links are worth much more.

    There's a thing to insert into your website, called a meta tag. Having the right keywords in there help emmensely. All the search engines actively "crawl" the web, looking for sites. Paying for search engine advertising is foolish for small business, as they all charge by "click through" which can skyrocket on you with little return.
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    All the search engines actively "crawl" the web, looking for sites. Paying for search engine advertising is foolish for small business, as they all charge by "click through" which can skyrocket on you with little return.

    I have to disagree, David. Pay per click is a great way to get your site noticed on top of all the other relevant sites out there and I have had excellent exposure that have led to internet bookings. This is especially true if your site is new to the crowd and not being picked up with just meta tags alone, or if it is, it is not ranked in the top 5. Most people usually dont go past the first page of an engine results.

    I believe it is cost effective advertising, even more so then the yellow pages. You can control what words people type and how much you are willing to pay for that specific word or phrase, and send them to the relevant page on your website. I have with no doubt received many bookings over the summertime from google ad words. I will be launching an Overture campaign this holiday season. Just my 2 cents.

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    i'm looking into having someone work on my site a bit to get it higher up the list, i have a real problem as i live in Lincoln uk so if anyone searches for Lincoln limo etc you can imagine theres a few so i have to metta tag words like lincs and lincolnshire(thats our county)

    i think i live in one of the worst named citys to have a limo web site

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    Pay per click advertising is the only way to go for brand new website. Make sure to select keywords or key phrases very carefully - if you offer service in Miami bid on keyword "Miami limo service" NOT "limo service". You don't want to pay for visitors who is looking for limo in Toronto or London. Do not pay anyone for search engine submission - it is a waste of time and money. Submit your site manually to Google, Yahoo, MSN and DMOZ. If you not sure how to do that, I recommend - there is 3 month free trial period. Participate in public forums related to your industry and make sure to include url of your site in your profile and signature if it is allowed by forum rules. Search engines crawl those sites every few days and will find your web address. List your business in all online yellow books. To get recognized and indexed by Google it will take at least 8-12 month and still it doesn't mean you will appear anywhere near first page...
    Good luck!
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    Oops. This post is just about a year and a half too late. Porsche posted this in November of 2004. She was last seen heading to Nevada to dedicate a water fountain and has never been heard from since.
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    Google PR and keywords will play a huge part.

    You will need to spend a lot of time researching SEO (search engine optimization) if you do it right you will see 1000's of hits come in per month and pay no advertising fee's for it.


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