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Thread: Front Coil Springs

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    We have a 1994 Lincoln stretched by De-Bryan and we have to replace the front coil springs.I need to know if the springs are original Lincoln springs or were they replaced to come up to the 418 package specs?If so,does anyone have a part # for the coils.Thank you in advance,Sandy Allan.Bramalea Limousine Service.Canada


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    On our 1994 we have had problems finding the proper springs. Our Shop mechanic put spacers in the springs. This raised the car up quite alot. We have not had any problems with the limo after doing this. Total Cost for parts- $2.00

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    I am sure your existing springs were heavy duty, and the best place to get an answer, apart from here !!! is to call Da Bryan. Give them the vehicle number and the year and they will be happy to supply new springs. I am not sure I like the idea of putting spacers in because that is putting too much pressure on a worn spring and should only be a short term solution.
    try Da Bryan
    Dick Hall

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    We up-grade the 418 springs and use a heavier spring that is fabricated in Kansas, please contact 1-800-842-5391 ext 15 or contact me via e-mail I would be glad to assist you.


    Robert Lee Slaughter
    DaBryan CoachBuilders

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    It.s good to see who is paying attention here

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    Actually I just had the same problem on my DaBryan 85" 2 months ago.

    I called them and was kindly given the phone number to the company that supplies the coil springs for Dabryan. They gladly sent them fedex to my and I had a local Les Schwab install them.

    I understand Les Schwab had to buy a stronger Coil Spring Spreader to handle them but they where able to get the job done.

    And yes they are a special sized coil, not the factory spring a standard town car is equipped with.


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