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    Tell me, tell me please tell me how LMS Gold stacks up?? I am seriously considering purchasing this program and am interested in finding out what exactly CURRENT USERS think.

    I am specifically interested in the credit card processing module, its functionality and ability to diseminate info throughout the system.

    Also the accounting module; functional and easy to use??? How does info merge and will my accountant like the system??

    I suggest that this program does offer the easiest, in my opinion, order entry system but I am looking to add everything else, i.e. bells and whistles. Currently I am forced to labor five steps for each reservation to make it through my office. A combined reservation, accounting and credit card processing system would seriously reduce the amount of time spent on BS!!

    I need some input from those of you doing just that as well as those who have had experience with LMS, Are you out there???

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    I saw their new windows verison of LMS Gold at the LCT Show. I was quite impressed. I would not waste my time with the DOS version. If your using Easytrip you could easily transfer your old information into LMS also. That might save you some time. Also LMS is similar to Easytrip and the learning curve would be easier.

    Wade Randolph

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    Livery Coach Software integrates with IC Verify credit card processing software. When you close a ticket or take a deposit the credit card #, amount, ticket # and date are sent to a batch file for you to send via IC Verify to your credit card processor. You can look up archived credit card data in Livery Coach by passenger or trip date or in IC Verify by date or cc #.
    Livery Coach Software also integrates with Peachtree Accounting 8 all trip information is posted in Peachtree for billing or posted to a revenue account. Some accountants perfer Peachtree some Quickbooks. Please call for more information
    Dennis Adams
    Livery Coach Software


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