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Thread: Eliminate Dangerous Driving in your Fleet!!

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    DriveCam Video Systems,based in San Diego, has developed an innovative new product that will eliminate dangerous & erratic driving in your fleet. DrivCam is a Digital Video Black Box Event Recorder made specifically for vehicles. This tiny, rugged camera, which mounts to your windshield, constantly monitors into a digital looping memory everything a driver can SEE,HEAR & FEEL while making their driving decisions. The camera monitors AUDIO, VIDEO & G-FORCES & then records "events", such as ERRATIC DRIVING or COLLISIONS to permanent memory. These "events" can then be downloaded & viewed for driver training or protection against fraudulent accident claims.
    Lower your overall Fleet operating expenses & promote safe driving with DriveCam.
    Cloud 9 Shuttle is one of our many happy customers.
    Call for INFO:
    DriveCam Video Systems
    Mike Cardoso
    (858)430-4000 ][/URL]

    "Ensure Safe Driving with DriveCam!!"

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    Try posting that information in our Search Center located at:

    Place an ad in Misc. Limo Products -- the ad is free!

    Thanks and good luck in your marketing efforts.

    Michael Composto, CEO & Founder

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