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Thread: 04-05 Wheels on Older Town Car

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    Is anyone running the more stylish 2004 or 2005 Factory Wheels from Lincoln on their earlier model Town Cars?

    I understand that a spacer must be installed to make up for a change in offset due to wider axles being used in the newer cars.

    Does anyone know how much of a spacer needs to be installed? Or where these spacers/adapters may be purchased?

    Thanx in advance...
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    Spacers are questionable on sedans and short stretches, and dangerous on longer stretches. You're better off finding aftermarket knockoffs that actually fit your limo.
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    The '03-'06 town cars use an offset ~ +37mm, equivelant to most front wheel drive offsets. The '98-'02 use +20mm offset. You would need ~17mm spacer.
    No matter how hard you try they WILL NOT fit the car correctly even with the spacer's.
    You would need to change studs which would have more stress on the length.
    You are best not to use the newer wheels & just find a set of aftermarket wheels you like that are made to fit your car. But remember if it is a stretch you want to find a wheel that has the correct load rating(find wheels made for the explorer, this vehicle has all the same fitment & load rating specs a stretch requires).


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