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Thread: Opera lights, where to get them?

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    I am ready to replace the top on a 1987 Lincoln 62 inch Limo.. I would like to replace the side lights at the same time, but don't know whare to find such a thing. any help would be great!!

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    Call Stephanie at MTG on 1-800-36-COACH.
    They have 24 karat gold plated coach lights. chrome and contoured between $24.95 and $37.50 a set,
    Try looking at their pearl black, very neat but make sure they will fit your existing screw holes to avoid major work. The advantage of these is that they have a waterproof rubber gasket.
    Good luck Dick

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    Sir, you can acquier coach-lights or opera lights through a company called "Infinite Innovations". The company deals with lighting and outside ammenities, you can contact them at 1-800-545-9633. I hope this helps.

    Robert Slaughter

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    Thanks to everyone that replyed. I called MTG today and they where very helpful. Ordered 8 new lights with 3 bulbs each for about $9.00 each.. thanks again for the help, Scott


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