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    When a customer makes a request for a charter quote there is not a field to advise the limo company of the number of passengers.

    I recognize that a customer must specify a type of vehicle and this may or may not, in my experience, reflect accurately the number of passengers traveling. Many customers and a few operators are of the opinion that a vehicle can accommodate as many passengers as can be squeezed into the vehicle(regardless of the number of seat belt positions).

    Note: All passengers in California are required by law to have and wear a seat belt.

    Is it possible to modify the charter format to include this additional information? Has anyone else experienced confusion on the part of the customer relative to this issue?


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    I will forward your inquiry on to the appropriate person who can evaluate it. I think I've gotten another inquiry or 2 regarding this so an adjustment may be necessary as you suggest.


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    That field addition was made on April 18th to some of our forms. Hope it helps!


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    We desperately need this change to the wedding and prom input forms. These are the services where people are most likely to be unfamiliar with the relationship between the number of passengers and the fictitious capacity of limousines.


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