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Thread: What makes a stretch a 100" or 120" and so on, PLEASE HELP

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    Please can anyone tell me how they come up with 100", 120" ect. is it the area measured in inches that they strecthed or what, Reason is Im new and a guy messured his stretches part and it was 91 in does that mean it a 91", but it says on the door 9-10 passangers, so please someone answer this for me.

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    James if the stretch measures 91" it is indeed a 91" stretch. The smaller stretches actually are rated to carry more people because they weigh less. That is why you will find some 85" stretches that have the 9-10 placard in the door. They fall under Lincoln's QVM weight limit of 7100 pounds loaded. Most 120" stretches are only rated to carry 8 people because of the weight. If your stretch measures 91" it probably was sold as a 85" or 90" stretch.

    Wade Randolph


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