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Thread: New Program Offers 20% Discount to NLA Members

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    Save Up to $250 on Printing with Create-A-Card, Inc.

    New Program Offers 20% Discount to NLA Members

    The National Limousine Association is pleased to announce a new partnership program with Create-A-Card that offers NLA members a one-time 20 percent discount on printing. The maximum discount amount is $250.

    Create-A-Card, a NLA supplier member since 1991, is a printing, promotion product, and advertising/marketing services company located in St. James, N.Y. Print items include business cards, post cards, brochures, marketing kits, flyers, newsletters, gift certificates and more. Professional stock photos may be selected from the company's extensive library and incorporated into any printed piece.

    For more information, see or call (800) 753-6867. Confirmation of NLA membership must be made at the time of the print order to secure the discount.
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    Arthur Messina
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    Create-A-Card, Inc.

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    Amazing how some just make a once in awhile showing just to hawk their wares!
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    I agree Gunny! Aurther, if you want to participate in the forum and contribute worthwhile information and engage in dialouge with us, by all means, join the party.

    Otherwise, no one is interested in having a commercial for your business splashed here when your sales are running a little slow.

    Buy an ad in LCT or LD or better yet, if you want to be here, by an ad from and post a clickable link on the front page so those that want more information can click it and those of us how don't care go straight to the forum.
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    Originally posted by gunny:
    Amazing how some just make a once in awhile showing just to hawk their wares!
    OMG you guys are great! I TOTALLY AGREE. In fact, 6 months ago I put Mr. Mussina in MODERATION mode as 100% of his posts were promotional.

    In fact, these posts laid around in moderation for a few days before I finally decided to approve them.

    Again, the posts were borderline SPAM but figured it was somewhat newsworthy to the industry.

    Note to Mr. Mussina -- your posts would be well received if you took an active role in the forum OUTSIDE of promotional posts.

    Currently, 100% of your posts are promotional and is not a good ratio for getting your posts here in the future.
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    Create a card charges WAY TOO MUCH!!!!

    You can get the same quality card stock or paper stock for half the price or even less by price shopping local print shops.

    In my opinion OVERPRICED.

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    Mr. Messina has a nice business and a good product line. Obviously there are always other options.
    Dean Schuler


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