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Internet Access for the Cost of a Cup of Coffee

AUSTIN, Tex. -- AS the Wi-Fi trend sweeps through the air, one question
appears to be cropping up with increasing frequency: to charge or not to

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John C. Wooley, the chief executive of Schlotzsky's, said he briefly
considered charging customers for Wi-Fi access but quickly changed his mind.

Mr. Wooley said each restaurant spent about $2,000 to get its Wi-Fi up and
running, and another $300 to $500 a month for the high-speed communications
line that provides the wireless access network to the Internet. His
reasoning is similar to Ms. Griffith's, but on a larger scale. Schlotzsky's
surveys over the past few months have shown that 6 percent of customers go
to Schlotzsky's for the free Wi-Fi. That translates to 15,000 customers per
store per year. If each pays, on average, $7 for a sandwich and drink, that
adds up to about $100,000 in sales per year.

"That's a really good return on investment," Mr. Wooley said.