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Thread: Where do y'all advertise online?

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    Hi, y'all I'm new to the limo biz, doing the online marketing for a successful limo co. who has just begun sales of new limos. If anyone can
    give me some clues as to where to advertise, list,
    I'd really appreciate it.

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    Allow me to toot my own horn -- why right here at you can advertise! What better than FREE advertising for your limousines which need to sell? All of our ads are STILL FREE while we have the largest online presense of all limo related websites.

    If it don't sell here, it won't sell.
    Good luck!

    (well maybe not...

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    If you post your website address here would be a good start.

    I would be more than happy to add (or exchange) a link to your site on my web, contact me if interested.

    Anyone else?



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