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Thread: Lincoln, Cadillac percentages

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    I've done a search of the forum archives for the string "lincoln vs. cadillac" and reached the max of 200 matches. However most of them had nothing to do with comparing the two.
    What is the percentage (good estimates okay) of Lincoln stretch limos vs. Cadillac stretch limos in service nationwide. I know that it is not 50/50 because I see more Lincolns whether I'm on the east coast or west coast.
    I seems that non-Lincoln/Cadillac stretches account for less than 10% so is the remainder about 60/30, 70/20 or what? Because of what I
    see on the road and in Limo Digest and LCT magazine I'm inclined to want a Lincoln stretch but my uncle/business partner leans more towards Cadillac after having owned both as personal vehicles. Any ideas on how I can support my preference for a Lincoln as it specifically applies to this business?


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    VeMan, It is true that you see more Lincoln Stretches and superstretches than Cads. This is partly due I believe to the belief that in or about 1994/95 the quality of Cadillac's declined for several years. The cars were not as reliable as Lincoln and Lincoln had a better warranty program on their cars. For a couple years I did not even see Cadillac's being stretched. The Cad market is improving but requests from clients are still leaning toward the Lincolns. Just because a car is a good personal car doesn't mean it will be a reliable and good limousine. I prefer Lincoln's myself but am currently watching the progress of the cads. Hope this helps alittle.

    Brandy Fuller
    Owner S.L.S.


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