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    It only takes a second for you to make your impression on a prospective customer and if you don't connect in that second you have probably lost them forever. I read that once and have never forgotten it, for in the business world these are truly words of wisdom! Your first impression is really the most important one you will have with any prospective client and part of that first encounter is your business card.
    Business cards should show your personality as well as your basic names and numbers. We get a feel for a person with his business card whether it be a straight forward, old fashioned business person or a free spirited new age type, in either case your cards should reflect you. You have a much higher chance of being remembered when your cards reflect you than you would with an ordinary white with black text card.

    That's where we at LimoBizCards can help you. Just go to our website at and have us do a sample for you and just see what these full color photographic cards can do for your business.[URL=]LimoBizCards Homepage

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    i didn't get anything at that site. it was a blank page. (using IE 5.1)

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    Hi Forddriver,
    I just checked the website and it's working fine. Maybe there is a problem through your server. In either case please try it again at or you can call us at 888-525-6601, if you are still having problems getting to our site PLEASE give me a call and let me know. Thank you for you interest and I hope to hear from you soon! Valerie

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    I just received my business cards last week and have all ready had a great response with them. Not only are they the best looking cards I have ever had but I received them only 4 days after I placed my order. Very impressive. Thank you and your staff again (I met Valerie at the LCT show in Vegas) and I look forward to continued business with your firm.


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