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Thread: Put out of business by bad driver.

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    Default Put out of business by bad driver.

    Iím one man operation, my Limo was parked and a lady crashed her car into the limo rear.
    Mayor damage policy report said, policy took 4 pictures and now I have to deal with Farmers insurance that I read they are the worst.

    My concern is this, since my is a 2000 8 pax stretch in very good condition but low value, the other driverís insurance company maybe just paid me few thousands for the limo but wonít be enough to get another. So I could be out of business if that happens. Should I hire a lawyer?

    Any suggestion on how to handle this the best way possible is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Definitely contact a lawyer. It is not just a replacement of vehicle, it is also a loss of income brought by that vehicle. It is the cost of loosing customers when you have to cancel reservations, and/or pay to have another company cover those reservations.
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    Thank you Greg, that it is my main concern.
    Iíll wait and see next week what they are thinking of paying.

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