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Thread: Is this forum dead?

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    Default Is this forum dead?

    Where is everybody? It's bad enough that every time I click on something here I get redirected to some sketchy website.

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    It doesnt look like its as active as before. But at the same time its our busy season.

    May and June must be hectic for a lot of members.
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    Sadly, the long period it was down, on top of the long time it was hacked before that, the regulars drifted away.
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    Default ???????????

    I was spending a lot of time cleaning out spammers then for months my anti-virus was shooting warnings about this page. No clue who's running it or it will stay bug free as it now seems. If there is an administrator do post the all-clear so we may try to bring this forum back up to speed.
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    I thought it was gone.

    Isn't the other one gone? The forums?


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