Hi everyone/anyone,

I have a unique issue (biggest problem is we are in Serbia, and no-one has any experience with stretch limos here). This is what happend in detail.
One of our drivers left the limo on all night. Unfortunately it was low on fuel, and that resulted in it running out of fuel, and also because the ignition was ON, it drained both batteries. After refueling and jump-starting the limo, we ran into a few problems that we could notice, and do not have the limo operational. These are:

  1. Before the ignition is on the lock/unlock button works, once we put the ignition on it locks then unlocks then locks, after this process only the key fob can unlock the limo.
  2. The a/c fan in the passenger compartment of the limo is always on max, an can't be slowed down or switched off. (the rest of the functions work, the radio, TV etc.)
  3. The lights in the passenger compartment are always on, even with the power of and limo locked. They can be dimmed when the power in the passenger compartment is on, but once the power is taken off it goes to normal dimness, and wont turn off till the battery is dead.

We had none of these issues before this happend. Also I have no idea what the battery going dead and it running out of fuel could have done. We had the electrical mechanic look it over, with no success. I don't know if anyone has any idea what could have happened. In any case any input would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. The only issue we had prior to this, and this is on both of our limos, is that from time to time the dashboard will stop displaying MPG, Speed, etc. and the ABS light comes on.