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Thread: Need Repair in East Los Angeles area, please help

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    Red face Need Repair in East Los Angeles area, please help

    Hi everyone,

    I just got a 2007 Lincoln Town Car 72 inch stretch for personal use and possible business. It is a retired limo from Las Vegas, built by Krystal.
    I just realized the power steering is not working sometimes. My friend checked for me and looks like the rack and pinion assembly was replaced recently; any idea how to fix this? Also, the ride is OK on the street but rough on the highway; when I run through a hole I feel the car is falling apart. I checked the bushings they look fine, maybe I need a pair of new suspension struts? I am not sure about the rear end...the air bags seem working at this time. Maybe rear struts as well? Currently has 17xxxx miles on it. Any suggestions?

    I just went to the shop I usually go to for my 2004 Town car L, but they said they cannot service limo in their small shop. Anyone can recommend a reliable shop around East Los Angles area (Covina, Azusa area)?

    Thank you very much.


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    Start by verifying the steering recall (intermediate shaft u-joints) has been completed, call the local Ford dealer and ask them to run the vin on oasis.

    It's rare that a Town car steering gear fails.

    Any local Ford Dealer should be able to help.

    As far as the ride goes it's probably normal for the stretch limo, if possible compare to another stretch of the same year/make/model

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    Thank you Mr. Steve,

    I actually went down the car myself and found that the bushing of the right strut was worn out. I called around and finally found a middle size shop that was willing to service limos.
    They diagnosed the steering pump motor needed to be replaced, and I paid $600 for 2 new struts (keep the Krystal springs) and the motor. They said they just jacked up the car to work on instead of using Lifter.

    The ride is much better now but I lately found that the front lower control arm's busing (the front busing) is also cracked. I bought the parts and will try to change myself.

    I am sure the dealer have the lift to fix the problem but I don't want to pay premium to the dealer.

    Thank you for your help.

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