Hi everyone,

I just got a 2007 Lincoln Town Car 72 inch stretch for personal use and possible business. It is a retired limo from Las Vegas, built by Krystal.
I just realized the power steering is not working sometimes. My friend checked for me and looks like the rack and pinion assembly was replaced recently; any idea how to fix this? Also, the ride is OK on the street but rough on the highway; when I run through a hole I feel the car is falling apart. I checked the bushings they look fine, maybe I need a pair of new suspension struts? I am not sure about the rear end...the air bags seem working at this time. Maybe rear struts as well? Currently has 17xxxx miles on it. Any suggestions?

I just went to the shop I usually go to for my 2004 Town car L, but they said they cannot service limo in their small shop. Anyone can recommend a reliable shop around East Los Angles area (Covina, Azusa area)?

Thank you very much.