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Thread: LED Backlit/Edgelit Acrylic (General How To)

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    Default LED Backlit/Edgelit Acrylic (General How To)

    Hi Folks..

    Iím Looking to upgrade my Gillig Party Bus a bit. Doesn't have much of anything as far as LED/DISCO lighting. I would like to do some small acrylic panels with RGB LEDís on maybe window frame posts and a few on the ceiling. I was wondering if there is some sort of general procedure for this? I see pics of build outs. But couldnít really find a procedure for doing it.

    I guess my my questions are..

    Whats the general thickness of the acrylic thatís used in most builds. Is it usually 2447 White? Clear? Both?

    Is the acrylic usually edge lit or back lit? How is this usually accomplished? (More so the edge lighting).

    I know for backlighting the ledís canít be too close the panel otherwise the light wonít transmit properly.

    Thanks in Advance

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    I looked up a few YouTube videos on edge lighting. But I’m looking more so for Party Bus application.


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