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Thread: 04 Excursion keep tripping breaker

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    Default 04 Excursion keep tripping breaker

    2004 Ford Excursion Krystal build. In the rear we have an aftermarket radio, twinkle leds in the ceiling, rear AC/Heat controls, partition, bar lights, tv, and dome light buttons on a panel. Up front we have a panel for these options to turn on and off, and operate the partition.

    When the passengers turn up the AC fan speed to high and/or use other options - usually the partition, the breaker trips and can only be reset by turning off and on the engine. If the driver uses the partition up front it will work about halfway and then trip the breaker. If the rear power is off or not many options are being used the partition can be controlled up front with no issues.

    Based on the information above it seems the partition may have a resistance/connection issue, or the circuit is just being overloaded. Im versed in wiring and mechanics, however, Im not sure where to start as the wiring is likely not stock from krystal. Any help or wiring diagram from krystal is appreciated!

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    Probably start by checking the voltage thru the solenoid (for all the rear accessories)

    Next I'd look into the wiring (if there is any short)
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