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Thread: Advice on H2 hummer limos

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    We are considering purchasing a used H2 Hummer what are the things one should look for ?

    - I have read the transmission is a big concern

    - vehicle has 70 k miles

    Are there other SUV limos that are better in terms of maintenance. But at the same time dont look too out dated.

    We are still running our Excursions, we will continue to do so. The Excursions have been easy on the maintenance side. The downside is they are getting older.

    Thanks in advance

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    Finding the "right" Hummer is the big concern, as like every limo they all have their fair share of maintenance issues and concerns, Hummer has quite a few more as it was never intended to be pushed to the limits that converting them does. Finding the right one means finding a unit that has been cared for and maintained which is extremely hard to do in this industry, finding one with 70k miles means nothing if the previous owner never maintained it, might as well have 170k miles on it. Condition means everything, be careful their is a lot of junk on the market. I have an 07 H2 Triple Axle for sale and I can promise you that I have maintained it and have all the service record as proof, southern vehicle entire life and no rust. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the reply. I think the downside I have is importing your Hummer in Canada.

    We have a fair bit of limousine restrictions (which vehicles can and cannot be imported).

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    You are correct, our Hummer is not Canada approved. Correct me if I'm wrong but Canada requires a limo to be QVM or CMC to be approved? I don't know of any Hummer limos that are built to Canada specs.

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    That is correct QVM approved.

    It is pretty hard to find Hummers to import.

    The ones I find in Canada for sale have been built by A.H.A. out of Toronto in Canada.

    In my city of 1 million people there are only 5 Hummer limos.

    Mainly a government city.


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