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Thread: How Florida Limo Associations Screwed the Industry

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    Default How Florida Limo Associations Screwed the Industry

    As those who operate in Florida know, one cannot simply move their people from one city to another then return at another date to load and return to origination. This requires permits for not for only the municipality/county one operates in but also permits for the other cities, counties, ports and whatever the hell thieving locals want.

    As of 7/01/17 Florida TNCs have no such issues. In fact a TNC driver can take someone from say, Orlando to Tampa and after dropping load passengers for a ride back to Orlando. Hell, that TNC driver can even make a day out of it and stay in Tampa running passengers all over the place without any worry from the local taxi/limo gestapo.

    How is this one may ask? Well, it goes like this. A couple of years ago a Bill was presented in Tallahassee that would of placed all limos under state regulation . Yes, TNCs fell under the limo classification. Locals would of been prohibited from regulating limos and TNCs. Well, the snowflakes who run the Florida Limousine Associations , taxi heads and the local National Limousine Director went to Tallahassee to fight this bill and they won. Sort of.

    This year a new TNC only bill went up and was signed into law. Meaning TNCs are now regulated on the state level with a preemption to local regulation while limos will still be running with multitudes of stickers on their windshields.

    So, when the Florida limo operator finds him/herself giving away work because he/she lacks the proper sticker, gives thanks to your local association and the NLA. When TNCs drive you out of business, say thank you Florida Limousine Association, West Florida Limousine Association, National Limousine Association .
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