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Thread: 2000 f550 Krystal Bus A/C compressor

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    Default 2000 f550 Krystal Bus A/C compressor

    I have a 2000 F550 Krystal Bus with the 7.3l powr stroke. The bus has the second A/C compressor located on top of the engine. It is not run by the serpentine belt but a seperate V belt. I am trying to find the part number for this belt as mine broke is totally gone. Thanks

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    take a piece of string and use it to determine size of belt then go and get 3 belts one the size of the string the other 2 bigger and smaller

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    We have the same bus with the same A/C set up in our fleet, the belt you are looking for is A64 from Napa ($11).

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    Thanks. The belt I had bought was a Gates 9650 HD which is about 5/8" shorter than the NAPA one you mention. I don't see the extra 5/8" making a difference I have the tensioner all the way loose and it wont go. See pictures. I assume it has to go around both the pulley on the right and left of the compressor?
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