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Thread: Restoring 1987 Armbruster Stageway Lincoln Town Car Limousine

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    Default Restoring 1987 Armbruster Stageway Lincoln Town Car Limousine

    Hi all,
    Just purchased for fun a 1987 Town Car Limo - I think in the limo biz it is called a 6 pax? It is the 100th Anniversary edition from Armbruster Stageway. I got it for $600 -it's in terrible shape. I'm looking to get it into somewhat working order, just for fun- the body is in poor shape and the roof is torn up.

    My issue is that I can't find any info online about it. Primarily, I would like schematics, as I have no idea what the fusebox in the trunk does, and there are random unplugged wires everywhere that I would like to understand.

    I called Armbruster Stageway and they were nice, but unable to help me with this issue.

    Does anyone know how I should tackle this issue? Any of the "old guard" Armbruster Stageway dealers or employees that might be resources?

    Any and all replies appreciated. I'm sure I'll be coming here quite often...

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    I have a couple of old timers, 1984 and 1986 these are not used for the general public these are just part of my private collection random pictures 001.jpg
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