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Thread: Buyer beware!!

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    Default Buyer beware!! Buyer beware!!

    Hello Everyone,

    I just want to share a recent discovery with all the Limo Company owners out there.. If your looking to buy a Limo or Party bus from ( powered by LCT ) Be careful! we almost got Scammed.. This person or group of people are posting fake limousines and party bus for sale, Immaculate looking Escalade 2007 with 59k miles for $23k.... too good to be true right? well it is.

    this group of people with fake everything even titles of limousines claiming to have the vehicles (website and everything looking legit) and will have it transported as soon as the wire transfer is complete.

    I got in contact with's owners and they said ohh we will take it down.. and we are looking into the matter.. well they did take it down alright, next day it got posted right back up with many other fake ones and they have been up for 5 days as of now.. seems like all they care about is that $100 flat fee to post a limo on their site.

    all this Limos are Fake!! Becareful!

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    Wow! Thanks for the info. Like they say, buyer beware!


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