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Thread: Installing DVD player. Few questions.

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    Default Installing DVD player. Few questions.

    Looking to install a DVD player in my 01 Krystal 33 Bus. Here is my situation.. After taking a few panels off in the luggage compartment, Guess what? There is a 44" Plasma (I think. weighs a TON) TV that I didn't know was there. It was behind a glass panel with mirror film. Apparently there was an inverter back there at some point that was taken out.

    So there is no controls to activate the TV, no DVD player etc.. There has been a lot of re wiring and cheap modifications over the years before I obtained the vehicle, so I really don't know how this was set up initially.

    The bus has a AM/FM/CD radio in the passenger compartment in the center of the bus. I could just swap that out for a head unit with Video output and run the video cable to the TV (assuming I can snake the cable through the ceiling). Then I would have the video audio come through the existing amplified speakers. The only luxury I would NOT have is having a ambience video playing at the same time the passengers are playing music.

    Should I just purchase a am/fm/cd/dvd receiver just to use as a DVD player mount it in the back panel, install a couple 6X9's and be done with it?

    I'm curious as to how your audio/video panels are set up. Any pics? Maybe I will do a panel with Audio/video inputs on the wall also? Maybe USB as well? Maybe I'll update a few things while I have the panels off in the back.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Run it separate so you can have the TV with no volume and stereo going at the same time. Put the dvd player up with the driver to make it drunk proof.


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