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Thread: vibration problem on Navigator 100" 2003...

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    Default vibration problem on Navigator 100" 2003...

    I need your help to find a part on my Lincoln Navigator 2003 100". I have a transmission vibration and need to replace the part that is between each prop shaft . Those parts are cutom made . I have a 100" Navigator 2003 made by coastal coach (out of the market since 2004) . There is 3 prop shaft at total .
    Here is the picture attached.
    Great thanks to all.

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    Also ...We have change prop shaft bearing (2) but shaft is still moving inside....

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    Quickest and best way is to take the whole unit to a medal fabrication shop and have them reproduce it. By trying to source the pieces, it will yield to countless deadends and a waste of your time and down time on your stretch.
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    Thanks a lot ; I am working on it ...but it's not easy in France with such vehicule which is not imported ...


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