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    Default Gas Cards

    I am currently using Universal Premium Mastercard and they are a rip off. Was interested in what everyone else was using. Do any of them coordinate with maintenance ? I would think that if they track your miles you should be able to set up alerts of some sort.

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    We have been using gas card for the last two years. The first advantage is that there is a gas card for every vehicle and each driver has there own pin number. About a 3 cent discount is you purchase 200 gallons per month. We have found that the discount is off set by higher fuel prices. The main advantage is that when the IRS audits you, just hand them the invoices. You can not purchase potato chips and beer at a tank farm. Also, the pumps for diesel and regular run much faster than retail pumps.

    Depending on your area, Shell may have a program for fleet vehicles. The debit card with pin numbers for the drive is the best way. We had chevron cards for ten years. The problem is, if the driver looses the card, it is easy to find the zip code for the billing address.


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    I just have business credit card given to every driver with his name on it. We get 1% cash back on everything, and 2% cash back on gas purchase. It's Bank of America Business card, cash back program.


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