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    Default New company, no business

    I started a new vintage limo company in Wichita, KS about 6 months ago since I had heard a few wedding planners complain Wichita had no vintage limo service. After huge expenses of building a 52 Rolls Royce and 62 Bentley, web site built, print ads, radio ads, even a newspaper article about my business; yet I have close to no business! I'm getting about one job every other week thus my expenses far exceed income. My web-site is I have no experience with the limo business but I have a few limo company owners as mentors who told me to focus on SEO. My SEO work has been less than successful but some progress has been made; up to page 3 for "limo service" search. I'm really confused as to why the other Wichita limo companies are completely sold out for Christmas light tours and I have no reservations at all. I'm considering moving the business to a larger city. I hate to do this since I've spent many thousands on advertising here. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

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    up to page 3 for "limo service" search
    Make sure you are checking via an un biased search (ie, not the browser you are regularly browsing with). Otherwise you will get weighted results. Here in Ohio, you are not one first 10 pages of results for that.

    I'm really confused as to why the other Wichita limo companies are completely sold out for Christmas light tours and I have no reservations at all.
    Going off of rates listed on websites, checked 5 other companies that came up in results for "Limos Wichita KS", and everyone of them was either very close to your price or less than your price, and they hold (listed) 6-10 passengers, while your vehicles hold 2-3. So broke down per passenger, you are way higher, you have to market why they should be paying MORE for the same service. What does it offer over me paying way less for a town car to drive me around? I mean its at night, so the visual appeal of a vintage limo, when clients are not being seen by others using it... You even say in an news article that you are not competing with stretch limos, but the companies coming up on non vintage limo sites, that IS what they are offering.

    With any industry, you cannot build it to be for a specific niche and then expect to compete with those who provide your niche and a lot of others, especially in sales OUT of your niche. (You even mention in the one news article that you know it is a specific niche)

    What leads did you have going into this? I see in that article it took 3-4 years to have the limos restored. It wasn't clear if you had them restored, and then later decided to start a service or (hope not) you decided to start the service then waited those years. Did you research what those wedding planners complaining there are none in town are willing to pay for, what they feel their clients would be willing to pay for?
    This space intentionally left blank.

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    DEX, the phonebook company has something to get you on the internet called SEM. It seems like it only cost a $150 or so a month for my market, Fargo so your market should be the same.

    They try to sell you a contract, but do offer a 3 month trial offer.

    It will get you at the top of the page for Yahoo and Bing, but almost never on Google. Think they have a better Google package but its spendy.

    I think wedding shows are a waste of money, but you could park across the street from one with a sign.

    What about working with another company? Make sure its a good one.

    Try buying a bigger vehicle, so you can be diversified.

    Your wedding prices are pretty high, my 18 passenger Yukon is $250 first hour.
    If someone is planning on transportation for the whole wedding party that means spending $600 - $800 for a ride to the reception, not in everyones budget. What percentage of calls turn into bookings? Find a price that people will go for 80% of the time and gradually raise it as demand increases.

    Gettting your car out there will increase word of mouth advertising. Bridesmaids will be getting married too.
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    Those type of limousines are not rented often from what I know.

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    The volume in Wichita is less than 10% of what other cities have if you go off of people searching on google. I would think moving it to a better/bigger city is always a good idea. Not only are you in a bad market but even people searching for limos might not be interested in what you have because it's such a niche product.

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    All the major ones haha, Vegas, LA, Atlanta, Chicago....Miami...

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    I would set up appointments and show your cars to every wedding planner and venue in your area. Ask to be placed on their preferred vendor list. Also offering the wedding planners a commission for their referral also works as most planners are small business owners as well.

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    Default Limo SEO Help

    It's been a while since this question was posted. But if you still need some advice let me add:
    SEO is just convincing Google that you are who you say you are.
    Citations and directories, if they are not to spammy, can send a signal to Google that you are who you say.
    Besides limo directories you must definitely be on Google Plus/Google My Business. Then be sure to use Yelp, Facebook, etc.
    Here is a big SEO tip:
    There are four directories that feed everything, other directories, Google, etc: Infogroup,Acxiom, Localeze, and Factual. be sure you are listed on these. You're welcome.
    If you would like help with your online marketing feel free to reach out to our marketer, Jennifer Metro has been doing a great job for us. She won't help any other limo companies in AZ but if you are in a different state...
    Phoenix Limo Service
    Party Bus rental
    Mirage Limo
    813 N Scottsdale Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85257

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    I am facing the same situation currently doing some corporate work i will focus on seo and sem .


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