UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES BY THE STATE OF NEVADA..........Nevada Senate Bill 183 would have allowed the companies to go to the Nevada Transportation Authority and increase their fleets without having to fend off challenges from the existing large companies based on competitive grounds. The so-called “Competitors Veto” enforced by the NTA says the NTA can deny additional vehicles to the small companies if they “would tend to increase or create detrimental competition in motor transportation.” Existing companies can and do protest every new applicant that comes along. The Bill would have deleted this provision. But Gov. Sandoval vetoed the measure, citing “public safety issues”. Instead of opening up the closed market in Nevada, and under immense lobbying pressure from billion dollar company Uber, Sandoval approved only the bill to legalize Uber and Lyft. Public safety issues, really?
Now, instead of allowing already regulated and existing owners to expand their fleets, which are already under the scrutiny of NTA as far as safety is concerned. The state of Nevada gave the green light to new TNC operators, mostly part-timers and many inexperienced folks using their own personal car, with questionable insurance, questionable safety inspections and even more questionable background checks, giving newcomers the ability to turn on an app in their smartphone and start making money!
Since this new industry started several years ago, the daily news has been filled with articles of deceptive pricing by the companies and hundreds of driver complaints and even cases of assault and battery, etc! It’s an industry with no office you can visit, no live person you can call and thousands upon thousands of part-time operators with no one to report to. The majority of these drivers have never even met their “employer”, so who are they reporting to? Granted, many operators are legitimate and are providing a great service, but the record doe’s show not all are. So, the question of public safety issues does not hold water in Gov. Sandoval’s veto of SB 183. It more sounds like “good old boy” politics, money and corruption at its best!