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Thread: Effective website or no?

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    Default Effective website or no?

    Whats up guys, I had posted a thread but for some reason it didn't post. Not sure if it's in queue to be approved but it's been a few days. Anyways, I'll try and see if this posts.

    Can you please give me your honest opinion about my website? Anything that needs to be improved?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hey Omega,

    I looked at your site real fast (to also get some ideas for my site hehe). Anyway, I think it looks very good and whoever did the work on it must be a true professional. Do you know if it has been properly optimized for Google? Have been trying to wrap my head around the ranking and how it works. Too geeky for me if you want me to be honest.

    But in terms of the way your site appears, I really really like it!

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    Hey, thanks I really appreciate that! Well I'll try and break down how to rank your website in Google. You'll have to do on page seo(easy), and off page seo(harder).

    On Page seo is making sure that the website itself is optimized. There are a few things you need to do, like using H1 and H2 headers with your keywords, as well as having a decent amount of copy (the content/ words) and include your keywords in your copy. Make sure to NOT keyword stuff, and focus on something easy to read for your users. Also, never go in and just straight up copy what other websites have written, as this is considered duplicate content.

    You images should have ALT attributes (google can't read images, but it can read the alt text on them) Also make sure that they aren't too large, as they will slow your website down, which brings me to the next point.

    Site Speed: Google doesn't like slow loading sites, therefore make sure your sites load quickly. But don't think just about Google, think about your users. Have you ever Googled something, clicked on a page, and it takes too long to load so you just click back?

    Mobile Friendly. Your website should adapt easily to fit mobile phones/tables. Being mobile friendly not only provides a better experience for your visitors, but Google loves it.

    When building a website, keep in mind your users, because at the end of the day, you are trying to attract them and sell to them. This is on page seo in a nutshell and there are many other things you can do to tweak.. So now that you have a "google optimized" website, here comes the harder part: off page seo

    Off page Seo consists of a few things but mainly it's about creating a backlinks. Backlinks are pretty much links on other websites that link back to your website. Lets say you have 5 different websites, and they all have a link back to your website. You know have 5 links. Say you get 100 links.. Google sees this as your website being a credible website, since other websites point back to yours. Keep in mind they have to be links from quality sites, and not from spammy websites, as this will will hurt your ranking. Now the question is, where to get links? That's the hard part.

    So pretty much, a "google optimized page + a good amount of quality back links will give you a great boost in rankings. There are other things that can help. like signals from social media, etc etc.

    Lol it's kinda late and I'm sleepy, so typed fast. Let me know if you have nay questions, I'd be happy to help.

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    Your wbsite is well designed but I'll focus on the negatives I found:

    1- Black colour may convey luxury and professionalism ...etc but it is hard on the eyes and reduces the user's experience, and ultimately, the conversion rate of the visitors into leads.

    2- Sliders are horrible. They are distracting and useless. They also hurt your SEO ( watch this video to understand why ) Use something static with a big call to action button.

    3- Testing the site with Google's tool you got 99/100 for mobile friendliness, 57/100 for mobile speed, 69/100 for desktop speed. Your site's speed needs improvement.

    4- By running the site through a crawling tool I found 44 missing image alt tags, 7 missing meta description tags, 4 duplicate titles; 4 duplicate description tags, 25 overused H tags, and 3 pages with too low word count

    5- Your home title tag is "houston limo sevice" but tool shows that "limo service houston" has 1600 earches/month while "houston limo servce"shas searches/month

    6- SEMrush shows also that you only started getting organic traffic in August and before that you relied only on ads. No wonder that the trust flow (8) and the citation flow (10) are low ( these are metrics that measure how much your site is trusted by Google)

    These are some areas of lack that I noticed. I hope this was helpful.

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    Thanks for the input everyone!
    And thanks for the tips Isso

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    Hey Omega, that was a pretty thoughtful and detailed response you gave me, thank you! Could you perhaps view my website, and give me some feedback? (in any of the on-off things you said)

    Thanks a bunch!


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