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Thread: Want me to SEO-proof a post for you?

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    Default Want me to SEO-proof a post for you?

    Want me to SEO-proof a post for you?

    I'll send you updates to make on your website for free! Send me your most popular page on your website ( Google Analytics –> Behaviors –> Site Content. ), and I will make suggestions on how to best improve that post for SEO. I will do keyword research on your page, then send you:

    * Title tag updates
    * Meta tag updates
    * Description tag updates
    * Which links you should add to your site
    * Tell you about any termms you should avoid using
    * Tell you any content sections to add into your post.

    Option 1) : Comment here with a link to your post ( or send a private message, if you like ) and I'll send you all the updates yo should make via a personal message .

    Option 2) :
    If you'd like me to do ALL OF IT for you, PayPal me $50 and I 'll do it all.

    We will ust 10 minutes of time over Skype or Google Hangouts session. This small price can often get you 300% higher in the search engine results.

    I'm looking forward to helping you out! Feel free to ask me any SEO related questions. I will answer them here.
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