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Thread: School transportation - anyone do that here?

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    Default School transportation - anyone do that here?

    Hey, been awhile since I've logged in here. I've been approached by a local private school about running a daily van for a handful of students. One way for the morning - meeting spot to school is @ 45 minute drive. Obviously, we'd have that amount going to them as well. I could use a minivan for 3 or 4 students. Same for the afternoon return from school to drop off, 45 minutes. On THAT part of the trip, I could definitely often use the "after drop off" pat to continue on to the airport.

    What I need to consider is how to price it for the families. Even at $ 5/kid one way, that's still $ 50/week and $ 200/month. Might be too much for them. Would you give them a discount if they paid by the month? By the week?

    I am completely out of my comfort zone on how to price this. Toss me some ideas!
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    I think its too cheap, I would do like $50+ per kid, if they go to private school they can afford it. Don't sell yourself short !

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    4 student x 5= $20 for 45 minute trip, and for round trip for you as a driver is nearly 2 hours if you factor traffic and situations. You have to make at least $80per hour spent with customer, or about $40-45 per hour for total time spent on your end as a driver to meet a better future. That's how I would calculate it.



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