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Thread: How Do I Run Auxiliary Without Vehicle Engine Running?

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    Default How Do I Run Auxiliary Without Vehicle Engine Running?

    Ok guys, I'm doing an inside business expo and I want to bring my buses in. I did it last year with my diesel bus, but I want to do it with both this year. The guy who set everything up is no longer with us. I cannot have the engine running because of the fumes. I cannot have the AC running because of the condensation that will leak out on the floor.

    How could I set up both vehicles so that the auxiliary is running the lights and stereo system, in which most folks want to see how they look lit up? I'm also aware they if I leave them running without anything plugged into them, it will run the battery down.

    Any suggestions on how to plug something up so I can play the auxiliary and lights and not have the battery run down?
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    You will have to jump the solenoid that activates when the engine is running. This will allow your coach aux. to operate. Get yourself a battery charger and connect to the auxillary batteries to keep it all charged throughout the show.
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