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Thread: Other transportation/limousine-Blogs like this...?

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    Default Other transportation/limousine-Blogs like this...?

    Just wanted to see if any of you out there could share if you know of any other online blogs like this that we can participate in ... please let us know..

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    There are the ones that have popped up over the years, usually from someone with an ego or attitude about something said here or not done they way they think it should be, so they go start their own with big fanfare how they will be better, usually after 2 months, no one posts there anymore and the "defectors" end up back reading here.
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    Default Wussy Blogs

    There are a couple of Uber Bitching Blogs or FB Pages out there. 90% is dedicated to crying, pissing and moaning about Uber taking on demand bar runs away from the wannabe limo ops.
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    Default Doubt it

    Hey it took me pretty long to find this blog, so i doubt it.. but if you do find one let me know i've done a pretty intensive google search to find info (looking for advice on closing my clients, kind of suck at sales here & inherited a limo business that was family owned.. so i'm trying NOT to let it go down the drain lol)


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