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Thread: Electrical scheme's needed for a Lincoln towncar 1997 daBryan

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    Default Electrical scheme's needed for a Lincoln towncar 1997 daBryan

    Hello All,
    I am from Holland and recently bought a Lincoln towncar 120'' model year 1995 / 1996 / 1997.
    I have tried to contact the builder about the electrical drawings but they don't respond to my mails.

    The car in perfect condition with only 80000 miles on it but I have a few issues with the airco in the back.
    The switches in the back, the one that switches form A/C to Heat, when operated only turn on the heating, the airco part stays off.

    Also there is a silver knob under the dash that I have seen on other limos aswell but cannot figure out what it does.
    When pushed I can hear a Relais clicking on the passenger side.

    Hope anyone can help me out!

    Best Regards from Holland and please forgive my English....

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    You need to determine which year. Check the Driver door jamb for the month/year the Lincoln Town Car was manufactured. Then find the coachbuilder sticker for the build date. 95-96-97 are similar, but you should have the correct year.

    This is a definitive troubleshooting guide for Limo AC issues:

    Here's DaBryan's phone #(417) 864-4411 Once you figure out the year they produced it, call them & ask for the Electrical Schematic for your limo.
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