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    22 years of business I've had new and used limos. I've bought used and put kits on them. i sent off a 1999 mercury marquis to Wolfgang in FLa. One of the best kits I've ever had, and money makers. It came back a mercedes and $150.00 an hour rental.
    my newest make over is a 1999 navigator, build by Legendary Coach builder, tony while he was building built one of the sharpest bars in a limo. Well after a ton of body work, new top tire, wheels , new carpet , new seat , I have a good people mover that looks good and zero paymentas on...but theres always a fly in the ointment....electrical issues. I you have an issue with yoour limo , fix it right no short cut, mine was wiring around a problem...

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    What's the name of the company in WolfGang, Florida you used?
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlestonspartybus View Post
    What's the name of the company in WolfGang, Florida you used?
    His Number is 314-484-3612
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    There is nothing worse than trying to troubleshoot electrical issues when everything is closed up and looking pretty. I have found when doing repairs to use solder and heat shrink versus butt connectors and electrical tape. Also supporting wiring with zip ties so it is not hanging freely and bouncing around eventually breaking.
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