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Thread: A little old, but didn't see it posted here yet

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    Default A little old, but didn't see it posted here yet

    Came across this article, all I can say is WOW.

    The geek in me went to look up the company, and came across the "unofficial" facebook page ( which someone had suggested an image for it.... Just this past Monday the (what appears to be) the co-owner mentioned in the news article posted a review, giving themselves 1 star only, demanding the page be shut down or she was getting law enforcement involved... Too bad she didn't get them involved in her own company before someone died in their limo.

    Edit: If you want to see how old the driver looks, check out his pic from 5 days before his license was suspended...
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    They include a ticket for obstructing traffic? I've been threatened with this while dropping clients in a busy area & unable to get to the curb because valet service had all curb spaces occupied. I can't imagine getting a limo in a situation where it would wind up on its top unless it went down an embankment.

    There are a lot of companies in our area that are semi-legal but it does no good to report them.
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