So some drunk idiot decided he was going to put his fist through the right front window of this Tiffany built Ford Excursion. I called and talked to Joe in parts at Tiffany Limo in Perris California and didn't have any luck. I have searched around and haven't had any luck either. Also I just finished talking to the insurance company and they said they are not going to write off this limo for that broken window either. Just give my customer some cash and tell him to move along.
I've tried the wreckers with no luck and I'm at my wits end on this one. It's the right front emergency escape window directly behind the front passenger door glass and I don't feel to good about it as my customer has been out of work since February 28th.
On the last one you guys came through and steered me to Lionel in Las Vegas and I was able to get an emergency escape window for a Krystal Koach limo, I'm hoping someone can do the same thing again, Thanks Kelly