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Thread: Starting Limo company in Miami

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    Default Starting Limo company in Miami

    Hello everyone, I've been a chauffeur for more than a year and now planning to buy a sedan. The only question I have is where I can get jobs from? The company I am working in right now get's a lot from limolink. Does anyone know what are requirements from limolink, how to get a contract with them and how much are they paying? I'm in Miami, Florida.
    Thank you for your help !

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    Greetings Sebaval, welcome to the limo business in Miami! Here is the vendor page for signing up at limo link

    However, I would advise that contracts a scarce for sedans and we have been hit hard by the ride sharing businesses in that type of vehicle. Our company has moved to focus on the larger stretched vehicles and the party buses which remains strong in Miami.
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    Are you thinking of doing this on your own? As in starting your own company? Or would you rather drive for someone else?


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